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Burning Hearts Festival

Do you have a motorcycle build before 1985?Then join us on your Bobber, Caféracer, Chopper, Flattracker, Classic, Off Road, Scrambler, Sidecar or Trackbike 😎, and race💨 on our cool festival,-Flattrack🏁 and -Hilltrack🏁 !!The rules are quite simple, just like us …. 😎:⚙ The motorcycle should be build before 1985⚙ You must have a motorcycle license⚙ Sharing a motorcycle is allowed⚙ The motorcycle must be registered and streetlegal⚙ Racing is on your own responsibility⚙ Take care, stay fair-We promise party, live music, Fine & Shine Rideout (just come on your motorcycle no matter age) 😎, next year with camp⛺️ and much more, the 3rd to 6th of September 2020!Follow us on our site and share the news with your friends🙏🏻!We will continuously provide information about tickets and more.Prepare your motorcycle and be ready to race 😎.-We look forward to have some fun together ✌️.