1952 Pattern Trousers olive selvage length 34

Pike Brothers

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The Pattern 1952 was a further development of the British Work and Battle Uniform of the 1940s. It was made out of a sturdy 12oz Selvage denim and had the distinct 1940s features. This was the most recognisable big leg pocket and the smaller first aid pocket at the hip. Since it was meant to be worn over a wool attire the fit was accordingly wide. We have reproduced the fabric after an original pair of trousers in our archive. For more comfort and and easier wear the trousers have been prewashed.

Further details of our 1952 Pattern Trousers:

- 12oz Selvage denim, 100% Cotton
- Wide Fit
- Map Pocket on front leg
- Small First Aid pocket on hip
- Suspender buttons
- Made in Portugal

- Color olive

- length 34

ARTICLE NUMBER: P0101-19-0014 / 40134


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